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Chapter 44

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Chapter 43

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Chapter 208

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Chapter 207

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Chapter 35

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Chapter 34

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Chapter 1.3

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Chapter 1.2

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Chapter 200.5

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Chapter 200

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Chapter 55.5

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Chapter 55

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 148

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Chapter 8

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Vol.1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 156

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Chapter 155

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Chapter 34

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Chapter 33

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liiaammRocks on  Staring Holes into You
i love the art style, i wish i could just find the rest of the story😭
Delailah62Rocks on  You Who Wants to Love
Genuinely I love this manga, it makes me want to read it for hours, hence why I finished it in one day, but I love how it is spicy but also has those really sweet moments that make me want to swing my feet😋🫢
Throw_backRocks on  Overgeared
good. Its my first time seeing a mc oppose pretty girls! Also the mc is a loser so be ready! Although hes a loser! He still not give up and earn money for him and his family yet he still ass****! But i like him
MiyahwithabigdekRocks on  Stranger Than Friends
MY FAV BL. I love the art style especially when they go chibi it's so CUTE I love the side couple just as much! I read this awhile ago and I can't wait until it updates 😄
MiyahwithabigdekRocks on  Love in Orbit
I it but i has to read some of it on another websites because of the placeholders. It's good but just read it on another site.
_rikkunRocks on  I’m Not That Kind of Talent
AxelwhoreSucks big time on  BJ alex
How's this even famous? It's just black and white. I thought Non Zero Sum wasn't big cause it's black and white. If this can be popular, Non Zero Sum should be huge. Y'all gotta read it if you're into psychological stuff.
Rinki MiriRocks on  Minmotion Syndrome
My emotions was being mixed as I read because of the plot! It's good, it's only bad at the start but became good at the ending, don't just drop the story because of the translations, sometimes I also don't get the sentence but it's worth the read and time! By the way if you love pearl boy just be prepared, Pilwon 2.0 is here
TifSucks big time on  Codename Anastasia
"we like womaniser rapist men. especially in bl. We're tired of dicks alone. Sometimes we need womanisers like zhenya sleeping with hot blonde mommies and drinking their milk and beating their pu***. taekjoo is also daddy. he wanted to fu** louise. they both manly straight men. gays are disgusting." Reasons people like this. Bruh wtf? I miss those old days when bl was about gay men. this type of bl attracts homophobes with ra** kink and po** addiction. Manhua is better than this. at least they try to bring variety of plots other than references of another mafia story and the most cliche anastasia. It's funny to me. Because the name of my friend is anastasia.
IraSucks big time on  Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again
I want to kill the ML so bad.......
This is literally so disgusting like there's absolutely no love in this...
The ML justifies his wrongdoings by saying things like "I am doing this just so MC and me can get my dad's approval"
Personally not my cup of tea..
If you like extreme angst, go for it.